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Architect, Structural Engineer or Surveyor?

The three main areas of construction professional may seem all the same to the someone outside the business.
All three may have some input within a given project, but actually they will all have very slightly different perspectives. Architectsare interested in the aesthetic appearance of a project;surveyorsare interested in the the value and use of the land, andengineers are interested in the strength and stability of all of the structural elements.

What is a Structural Engineer?

The work of a structural engineer is not something everyone is familiar with, this article tries to provide an introduction to the work of a structural engineer.
Structural engineers are experts in design, construction, repair, conversion and conservation. They are interested in all aspects of a structure and its stability.
If a structure was a human body then the architect would be responsible for the appearance of the body and the general outline, and the structural engineer would be responsible for the design of the skeleton, muscles and sinews.
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